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Friendship bracelets are a token of your love for your friend
and it is believed that a wish that the wearer makes while putting it on comes
true when the bracelet falls off his wrist, naturally. You can wear the beaded
ones to formal occasions, parties as well as to the beach. They boast of a
unique style statement.

1. Beaded
Friendship Bracelet Instructions

A modern take on the good old friendship bracelets that you
used to make in middle school would surely appeal to you. It can be a rage this

Beaded Friendship Bracelet

2. DIY
Friendship Bracelet with Letter Beads

Colorful thread and alphabet beads would make you besotted
with this DIY. You can use the beads to write your friend’s name, words and

How to Make Friendship Bracelets with Letter Beads

3. Braided
Friendship Bracelets with Beads

Your friends would love the colorful addition of beads to
the braided friendship bracelet that you gift him. They would add a pop of
color to her wrist.

DIY Friendship Bracelets with Beads

4. Free
Friendship Bracelet Patterns with Beads

Hemp string and beads are the basic supplies for these cute
friendship bracelets. The craft would ensure hours of fun on a rainy day. You
can also do it at a summer camp.

Friendship Bracelet Patterns With Beads

5. Tutorial
for Cool Friendship Bracelet with Beads

Cool Beaded Friendship Bracelet Tutorial

6. Step By
Step Easy Friendship Bracelet with Beads

Easy Friendship Bracelet with Beads

7. Beads
on a Friendship Bracelet

This charming friendship bracelet has been endowed with a
glitz factor by adding silver beads. The tassels make it pleasant to the eyes.

Putting Beads on a Friendship Bracelet

8. Chevron
Friendship Bracelet Idea with Beads

Chevron Friendship Bracelet with Beads

9. Linear
Friendship Bracelet Designs with Beads and Rubber Bands

Kids and adults alike would love to flaunt this beaded
bracelet during the summer season. Though the pattern looks difficult, you
would soon find that it is pretty simple to make. Just click on the above link.
You can use fused Perler or large pony beads for the DIY.

Friendship Bracelets with Beads and Rubber Bands

10. Tying
A Square Knot Friendship Bracelet with Beads

Tying Beads into Friendship Bracelet

11. Unique
Tribal Beaded Friendship Bracelets

Tribal Beaded Friendship Bracelets

You would love to flaunt these homemade friendship bracelets with beads in them. If you have a regular friendship bracelet, you can enhance its appeal by adding beads, as shown in tutorial 7 above. Choosing the right colors of the beads would make the accessory suit your clothes perfectly.

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