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Do you hate being asked to pass the ketchup, salt or pepper
in the middle of a meal? A lazy Susan would make it a lot easier for you. It is
a rotating tray placed on a countertop or a table that carries food items. You
can pick up the food, spice or condiment that you want from it, at your own
convenience. You can make one by selecting any of the tutorials below.

1. DIY
Lazy Susan Directions

You would love to put this together for your dining table.
It is easy on your pocket and quite simple to make. A round pine piece, a
rotating spice holder, bonding glue and paint are the basic supplies.

DIY Lazy Susan

2. Make a Lazy Susan

A wooden stool is repurposed for this lazy Susan. Learn how
to make the base and the different parts from scratch by clicking on the above
link. You need turntable hardware for this.

How to Make a Lazy Susan

3. Cheap
Lazy Suzan Tray Instructions

A splash of inlay beautifully embellishes this table
accessory. It consists of a base, a top with a ball bearing swivel sandwiched
in between.

How to Make a Lazy Susan Tray

4. DIY Wood
Lazy Susan

A wooden lazy Susan would be a useful addition to your
pantry. You can make it oval instead of round if you so wish.

Wood Lazy Susan DIY

5. DIY
Lazy Susan Table

DIY Lazy Susan for Table

6. DIY
Large Tabletop Lazy Susan

A lazy Susan style tabletop would come especially handy if
you have a large, round dining table. Building one is not as difficult as it
looks if you have the right tools in your kitty.

DIY Large Lazy Susan

7. DIY
Lazy Susan That Has No Bearing

This fun project can be done without bearings. You can use
the turntable for panoramic photography, workshop or kitchen corner cabinet.

DIY Lazy Susan with No Bearing

8. Motorized
Lazy Susan DIY

DIY Motorized Lazy Susan

9. DIY
Lazy Susan with Marbles

Marble Lazy Susan DIY

10. Luxe
2 Tier Lazy Susan DIY

This two-tiered lazy Susan is decorated beautifully with cut
CDs and DVDs. A candle holder is used to connect the two tiers.

DIY 2 Tier Lazy Susan

11. DIY
Lazy Susan with Fidget Spinner

DIY Lazy Susan Made With Fidget Spinner

12. DIY
Turntable Lazy Susan

DIY Lazy Susan Turntable

13. Small
and Easy DIY Lazy Susan

This revolving spice rack is simple to make and attractive.
You won’t believe that the supplies for the project are just two round cake
pans and a few pie weights.

Easy DIY Lazy Susan

14. Wine Barrel
Lazy Susan Video Tutorial

How to Make Wine Barrel Lazy Susan

We are sure that the DIY ideas would inspire you to craft a homemade lazy Suzan in your free time. Who doesn’t want a touch of vitality in the dining space and kitchen?  You would find that though the majority of them are built out of wood, you can try out other novel materials as well.

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