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Fairy jars look beautiful and can be made with nominal
supplies. You can make them into nightlights and fantasize about fairies
watching over you as you sleep. Little ones would love to whisper their hopes
and dreams to the fairies before they sleep at night. And wouldn’t you love the
idea of pretty fairies captured in jars?

1. Fairy Jar Instructions

Mason jars can be transformed into lush, glowing fairy jars
by following the instructions of the tutorial linked above. The frolicking silhouettes
of the fairies look beautiful. You can put candles or tea lights inside them.
Cutouts of fairies are glued to the glass jars. The project is done without
tissue paper. Little ones would love the idea of jars full of fairies.

Fairy Jars

2. Homemade Fairy Jar

If you want a green fairy jar, you can try out this DIY that
has fern and moss wrapped around the fairy jar. The burlap string tied around
the neck of the jar lends it a rustic charm.

Fairy Jar

3. Fairy Lantern Directions

You can decorate this fairy jar with glitter if you so wish.
Kids would love to have their own fairy lanterns by their bedside at night.

Fairy Lantern

4. DIY Lighted Fairy Jar

DIY Fairy Jar

5. DIY Fairy Glow Jar

Fairy Jar DIY

6. White DIY Fairy Jar

Making DIY Fairy Jar

7. How to Make Light-up Fairy Jar

This jar is made to resemble a winter wonderland by lining
it with a thin translucent cloth with tiny dots painted on it. When a small
light bulb illuminates the jar, the silhouette of a curious little fairy is

How to Make Fairy Jar

8. DIY Fairy Silhouette Lantern

Fairy Lantern DIY

9. DIY Fairy Mason Jar

You can choose a mason jar, jam jar or a transparent plastic
jar for this craft. The fairy silhouette can capture the tiny fairy in any
elegant posture of your choice.

Fairy Mason Jar

10. Glowing Fairies in Jars

Make Glowing Fairies in Jars

11. Fairy Mason Jar Lantern DIY Tutorial

If you have the child in you still alive who believes in all
things magical and fairies caught in jars, then this fairy in a jar night light
will surely get your back. Unleash your passion for craft by making these fab
fairy shadow lanterns from mason jars.

DIY Mason Jar Fairy Lantern Tutorial

12. Handmade Fairy Jars with Tissue Paper

Make Fairy Jars with Tissue Paper

13. DIY Fairy Lantern Jar Tutorial

DIY Fairy Lantern Tutorial

14. DIY Fairy Glow in the Dark Jar

Black flying fairy silhouette stickers having pink tissue
paper as the backdrop, all confined to a glass jar spells mystique charm. The
light shining inside gives it a dreamy look.

DIY Glow in the Dark Fairy Jar

15. Fairy Light Jar Idea Using Cricut

Cricut Fairy Jar

If you know how to paint
mason jars
, you can create amazing painted fairy jars. They look exotic and
would make a great gift. It would be a great idea to make many fairies in a
jar. You can use stencils for your craft.

Painted Fairy Jar

The fairies in a jar project looks enthralling and doesn’t need a lot of work. The fact that it is pocket-friendly yet adorns your mantle gracefully makes it worth a try. The best part? The mystic aura of the fairy trapped in a jar has the power to transport you to fantasyland. Who doesn’t want to nurture the child in oneself?

Sharing is caring!

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