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Suncatchers are ideal decorative things that usually enhance
the appearance off your windows. They are commonly available online and offline
shops, still, enthusiast people find it engaging to make them at home. The
advantage is that you can choose the pattern of suncatchers just the way you
want. One thing is significant that not always real glass is needed to make such
suncatchers, rather with some plastic replacement, you can make faux suncatcher
to be attached to a glass window.

1. Heart-shaped Stained Glass Suncatcher: Tutorial

The heart suncatchers take around maximum a couple of hours
to be made. They are lightweight and even kid can join you.

Heart-shaped Stained Glass Suncatcher

2. Star-shaped Hanging Stained Glass
Suncatcher: DIY

Instead of fixing to a window, one can hang such suncatchers
so that they add extra spark to your room décor. Use colorful papers for a
scintillating effect.

Star-shaped Hanging Stained Glass Suncatcher

3. Stained Glass Suncatcher with Bird Pattern

The colorful bird sitting nicely on a tree is a nice
suncatcher. Vibrant hues like green, red, yellow, improve the look of the

Stained Glass Suncatcher Pattern

4. Butterfly Stained Glass Suncatcher

The butterfly pattern can be smaller or larger but the
tutorial will remain the same. The black border or outline truly gives the
thing an edge.

Small Stained Glass Suncatcher

5. Pumpkin Glass Suncatcher for Halloween

If you are still dubious about the Halloween decoration that
your kids can help you with, opt for such pumpkin suncatchers.

Halloween Stained Glass Suncatchers

6. Instruction for Making a Round Stained

The colorful suncatcher is an assortment of stones, glued
together. Instead of round, it could be square or triangle.

Simple Stained Glass Suncatchers

7. Suncatchers with Melted beads

This interesting way of making suncatcher involves melting
beads through baking. Yes you read that accurately! Go through the tutorial and
understand how easy this actually is.

Easy Stained Glass Suncatcher

8. Stained Glass Suncatcher Tutorial for Kids
and Young Adults

Instead of a small suncatcher, why not cover the entire
window or even a door with a vast suncatcher. This is best for smoothening the
effect of harsh glare that comes to your room across the window.

Simple Stained Glass Suncatcher

9. Stained Glass Suncatcher with Leafy Motif

For the autumn-appropriate decoration, the leafy motif is
just what one needs, especially when they have kids. It is all orange, outlined
with a black tape.

Fall Stained Glass Suncatcher

10. How to Make Mickey Mouse Suncatcher with
Stained Glass

The youngest member of your family would love the Mickey
Mouse pattern on his/her window. You can change the pattern of the character on
the suncatcher.

DIY Mickey Mouse Stained Glass Suncatcher

11. Faux Stained Glass Suncatcher: DIY

Again in heart shape, but it is more fun when you do it with
tiny tots. The size of your heart doesn’t matter, but the warmth in it sure

Faux Stained Glass Suncatchers

12. Free Stained
Glass Suncatcher Patterns

If you are already a pro at making such suncatchers, then
choose your pattern from the following, so that nothing comes between you and
your creativity.

Christmas Stained Glass Suncatcher Pattern

Even a single kingfisher pattern would be useful enough for

Stained Glass Suncatcher Pattern

13. Kite Stained Glass Suncatchers

The kite motif is nice and has a bohemian vibe. You can put
this theme in your balcony window as well.

Kite Stained Glass Suncatchers for Windows

14. Stained Glass Suncatcher for Easter

This is perfect for the Easter celebration, and you have the
opportunity to make it as colorful as possible. Why not start with the basic
eggs design? Then when you become comfortable making such celebrations, you may
proceed with bunnies.

Stained Glass Easter Suncatchers for Kids

15. Stained Glass Suncatcher with a Video

If you want to know how to use leaded glass suncatcher then
follow the video and make such wonderful suncatchers.

Leaded Stained Glass Suncatcher

Hope these instructions are useful for all sorts of enthusiasts, including both beginners and experts. There are written as well as one video tutorial for your convenience. Be it faux or normal glass suncatchers, all can be made if you follow the instruction.

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