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A pretty explosion box with a nice car alongside any special
surprise within would be something most people crave to have. The materials for
an explosion box include a thick cardstock paper for a sturdier box, alongside
a printable template, glue, and scissors. Check out the unique DIYs of making
an explosion box.

1. How
to Make an Attractive Explosion Box for any Special Occasion

Each layer could have a personalized note for the recipient.

Explosion Box

2. DIY
Exploding Box for Beginners

Embellish the inside of the box with glitters, beads, and
colorful ribbons for a showy appearance.

DIY Explosion Box

3. Tutorial
to Make an Explosion Box

Create a waterfall-like appearance with the cards for a
unique look.

How to Make Explosion Box

4. How to Make an
Explosion for Birthday Card

If you want to make your little princess’s birthday
invitation, a little different then make plenty of such explosion cards. You
could also write a small message like “Turning 3”, etc.

Explosion Box for Birthday

5. Exciting
Idea to Make an Exploding Memory Box

If you wish to make a memory box for your boyfriend or
girlfriend for a special occasion, this tutorial will serve your purpose.

Exploding Box Idea

The template below would give a
clear outline of making an explosion box.

Exploding Box Template

6. Tutorial to Make a
Photo Explosion Box

The cute eggs, butterflies, and
smileys make this an apt explosion box for Easter. You could even add photos of
the recipient or the occasion you have designed it for.

Photo Explosion Box

7. Surprise
Explosion Box Tutorial

A box within a big box, bearing a surprise present, would be a perfect anniversary gift idea.

Surprise Explosion Box

8. DIY Explosion Gift Box for

DIY Explosion Gift Box

DIY to Make an Explosion
Gift Box for Boyfriend

Add cute pictures of the both of
you within for a romantic appeal.

Explosion Gift Box for Boyfriend

10. Love
3D Explosion Gift Box for Valentine’s Day DIY

The 3D effect of the hearts enhances the charm of this Valentine’s Day explosion box to the fullest.

Love Explosion Gift Box

11. Tutorial
to Make an Explosion Box with Template

A tea light cake contains within
this sober-looking explosion box.

Explosion Box Tutorial

12. How
to Make an Explosion Box for Invitation With a Template

Explosion Box Invitation

13. How to Make a Simple Explosion Box for Anniversary

You could attach a ring within to
surprise your better half to the fullest.

Anniversary Explosion Box

14. DIY Christmas
Explosion Box for Holiday

A paper made Christmas tree or Santa Claus would bring in the actual festival fervor.

Christmas Explosion Box

15. Tutorial to Make a Hexagon
Explosion Box

Hexagon Explosion Box

16. Handmade
Explosion Gift Box for Boyfriend

Explosion Box for Him

17. Tutorial
to Make a Beautiful Blue Explosion Box for Birthday

Beautiful Explosion Box

18. Cute Pink Hello Kitty
Explosion Box DIY

Following the similar tutorial
you may opt for any other theme like Sponge Bob or Batman.

Explosion Box Hello Kitty

19. How
to Make a Handcrafted Hexagonal Sweet Explosion Box

This sweet explosion box would be
a perfect Easter or Christmas gift idea.

Sweet Explosion Box

20. Step
by Step Tutorial to Make a Unique Explosion Box For Wedding

You could make this for sending
out an invitation or as a part of a wedding gift.

Wedding Explosion Box

These amazing DIYs would help you in making innovative explosion boxes for any occasion like graduation, Easter, Thanksgiving, and so on.

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