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Crafts with balloons are one of the most sought after since they add grace, charm, and elegance to your home décor. Designing your home with balloon garlands for any occasion like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, anniversaries, and birthdays would indeed be an excellent idea. Latex balloons, the preferred choice for most balloon crafts, last for about 12 to 20 hours on average, especially if filled using helium. If treated with the Hi‐Float solution, they thrive for approximately seven days. Check out the exciting tutorials that follow on how to make balloon garlands.

1. How
to Make a Balloon Garland For Your Front Door

The citrus themed balloon garland makes it a perfect summer

Balloon Garland

2. How
to Make a Pretty Balloon Garland for Valentine’s Day

A combination of pink and white makes this an apt choice for
a baby shower. The fresh flowers and sprigs enhance its charm to the fullest.

How to Make a Balloon Garland

3. An
Easy DIY to Make a Balloon Garland

You could use multi-colored balloons if you plan to use this
décor for your little one’s birthday. Consider arranging the balloons in the
form of alphabets, like the first letter of your kid’s name.

DIY Balloon Garland

The rose gold and white balloon garden can grace the doorway
or entrance in the form of an arch.

Rose Gold Balloon Garland

4. Tutorial
to Make a Pink Balloon Garland with Flowers

Flowers, faux or fresh, included in the balloon garland makes it all the more gorgeous.

Balloon Garland with Flowers

5. Directions
to Make a Pretty White Balloon Garland

The white balloons, along with the green leaves, give it an
aesthetic appeal.

White Balloon Garland

6. Colorful
Balloon Garland Tutorial

Balloon Garland Tutorial

7. DIY Mermaid
Tail Balloon Garland Decoration Idea

The arrangement of balloons along with an inflatable tail
behind perfectly represents a mermaid, well suited for a sea-themed party.

Mermaid Balloon Garland

If designing this for Halloween, then keep only the black
balloons, and you may even make something eerie on them like a skull’s face.

Black and Golden Balloon Garland

8. Instructions
to Make a Fiesta Balloon Garland

On the occasion of a fiesta, this colorful assembling of
balloons along with a whole lot of other stuff would indeed be fantastic.

Fiesta Balloon Garland

9. How
to Make a Toy Story Themed Balloon Garland

The popular Toy Story theme would be an instant hit at your
kiddo’s birthday party. For convenience, you may go for a kit providing where
you would get all the stuff in one place.

Toy Story Balloon Garland

10. Unicorn
Backdrop Balloon Garland DIY

The eyes and horns give the unicorn a realistic touch.

Unicorn Balloon Garland

11. Easy
First Birthday Ceiling Balloon Garland

Ceiling Balloon Garland

This template would give you detailed step by step
instructions for making a balloon garland.

How to Make a Balloon Garland Step by Step

12. DIY Jungle
Safari Balloon Garland

Attaching faux animals in the middle of the balloons would
add prominence to the jungle theme.

Jungle Safari Balloon Garland

13. Cactus
Balloon Garland DIY

The spikes emerging from between give it the perfect cactus-like appearance.

Cactus Balloon Garland

14. Rustic
DIY Balloon Garland

Tying twines around brings in a rustic appearance.

Rustic Balloon Garland

15. Sunflower
Fall Balloon Garland DIY

The sunflower pattern may also be made arranging yellow
balloons to the sides and black ones at the center.

Sunflower Balloon Garland

16. DIY Staircase
Floral Balloon Garland

Big faux flowers may be put in between the garland.

Balloon Garland on Staircase

17. DIY
Balloon Tail Garland

Balloon Tail Garland

18. How
to Make a Blue Balloon Garland

Whether it be your little hero’s first birthday or a
frozen-themed party, this blue balloon garland would be a perfect pick.

Blue Balloon Garland

19. Outdoor
Balloon Garland DIY

This balloon garland gives the impression of an archway,
being a perfect idea for a wedding celebration.

Outdoor Balloon Garland

20. DIY
Tropical Balloon Garland

Tropical Balloon Garland

The yellow and white balloons serve as wonderful summer decoration ideas.

Yellow Balloon Garland

21. Minnie
Mouse Backdrop Balloon Garland DIY

You can make the red bow using balloons too.

Minnie Mouse Balloon Garland

The theme of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, the famous kid’s
picture book, can be recreated in the form of a garland, just as the one shown
in the given image. The green balloons can be arranged in the shape of a
caterpillar, while the red balloon makes for the face, while the purple ones add
to its horns.

Hungry Caterpillar Balloon Garland

22. How to
Make a Balloon Tassel Garland

Balloon Tassel Garland

23. How
to Make a Balloon Garland Dessert Table for Baby Shower

The pink and red balloons can be replaced with blue and
white ones if a baby boy is-in-waiting. 

Balloon Garland Dessert Table

24. How
to Make a Balloon Garland for a Fireplace

Following the instructions in the tutorial below, you could
make an elegant balloon garland to decorate your fireplace.

Balloon Garland Fireplace

25. DIY Fruit
Balloon Garland

Fruit Balloon Garland

Red, blue, yellow, pink, gold, silver, and so on, you could include all these colors to make a lovely garland. Other balloon crafts like a tree, wreath, arch, or flowers.

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